An open Kiloblocks world catalog

Hello! This is a website listing some world files for the mobile game Kiloblocks, prev. Exploration.

This isn't a very popular game, and that's why interesting maps for it are absolutely impossible to find. For now, this site will feature our own work, but you can inquire to to ask us to add your own. Note, though, that we can decline your submission for any reason.

This site was made by two fans of the game (Alice (she/her) and Cypress (they/fae)). We're not affiliated with the original developer(s) in any way. We're also personally looking for world files from before the worldgen change, so definitely contact us if you can and have those. (Or not, I'm not your boss.)

To actually use these files in the game, find a folder named com.explorationbase.Exploration, then files and copy the .dds file into it. You don't have to do anything with .dat files, as it just encodes your position and possibly some other info, but not anything about the world itself. This is also where you can get world files you want to share — and you can view the filename of a given world in the game itself.


Tower Of The Factory Witch

Silly name, I know, but it's got to be something, right?

author = Cypress

.dds file